Seeing the remnants of damaged and destroyed electrical appliances due to power surges, has ignited motivation within our company about communicating and explaining to our clients about power surges and their risks. Growing tired of arriving at sites that have been affected by a power surge and having no solution apart from replacement, we encourage our clients to make simple measures in installing appropriate surge protection, protect your household appliances.

A misconception about power surges is that they are commonly caused by a lightning strike. However, most power surges often stem from within your home by large, power- sucking and usually expensive appliances that require lots of energy when running.  Power Surges occur when something boosts in electrical charge out in the power lines.  Power surges usually last less than a thousandth of a second often being random giving the client no knowledge or warning towards how or when they are caused.

Because of the unawareness towards power surges many houses today are not fitted with surge protection devices in their homes, surge protection provides the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your electrical devices, deeming safety.