At Elite we are always on the lookout for new technical advancements made within the industry. The continuous and rapid growth made towards Smart Housing and Home Automation means that it is no longer a luxury and is now commonly becoming a demand within home renovations.

The benefits of Smart wiring and Home Automation is that it enables our customers to feel safer in their home through being able to adjust and control the household lighting and electrical appliances.

Smart Wiring and Home Automation aids in reducing our client’s energy costs as it enables the customer complete access and control of their household in just the palm of their hand, the swipe of a finger, a real treat for a control freak.

Our most popular, current and preferred home automation service is Aurora. Aurora is a privately-owned cooperation that specialises in all things connected. Aurora is known for giving home owners control of all their electrical systems in their home. They do this through condensing it all into one interactive, thinking system.

The benefits of home automation are not limited to just giving our clients full control of their home electrical components, whilst helping save their energy bill through the turning off and dimming household lights and electrical services. Home automation also aids in helping reduce carbon admissions into the environment, which as an electrical company, reducing the impact are making on the environment is something we are excited by and very passionate about.