The upgrading of your business lighting to LED is a small investment but it helps save energy and minimizes costs to your power bill.

LED’s are available for many light fittings and come in three distinct colours; daylight, cool white and warm white. LEDs now are developing multiple options for every variation of globes and fixtures. The future of LED lighting is a bright one and were excited to have a part, installing it.

Some Commonly known benefits of installing LED lighting:

  • Long Life Span– The lifespan of LED lights is twice that of a typical fluorescent light as it doesn’t contain filament to break down and burn out.
  • Improved durability– LEDs are resistant to vibration, shock and impacts from external objects. Their durability makes them ideal for exposure to weather, wind and rain
  • Better lighting capacity– LEDs are brighter than incandescent and fluorescent lighting because due to the output of lumens being higher in that of an LED
  • Versatile use– LEDs and their improved durability increases the versatility in which LEDs can be installed efficiently in an environment
  • Environmentally friendly– LED lights not only are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as florescent and incandescent lights, drawing less power. They also contain no toxic elements that contaminate the environment.
  • Safety– LEDs are not only safer toward their impacts on the environment but are also safer during installation. LEDs have minimum heat dissipation reducing the risk of fire, hot joints.