Exit and Emergency lighting is important on all commercial sites as it protects life in the event of a fire, power outage, etc. Exit and Emergency lights is mandatory for all commercial sites and must be in compliance with the AS/NZ 2293.20. Emergency lighting is apart of your buildings fire safety code. It is the law for the building owners to maintain maintenance to the building fire exit signs and emergency light fittings.

All lights must have a six-monthly test

  • Emergency lighting. Enclosed spaces must have emergency lighting that will remaining functioning should the electrical supply for the premises fail. This is especially true if your workplace is regularly used by the public, becoming an important requirement to all buildings.
  • Safety lighting. Working in areas that are no ground level and experiencing an emergency in your building that results in the cutting of the buildings power –  will leave you having to evacuate down the stairs. Building stairwells generally lack natural lighting, gaining most of their illumination from fluorescent lights. These lights will be out in an emergency. Therefore, safety lighting will need to be installed to ensure safety.
  • Exit signs. Illuminated at all times, these rectangular green signs are familiar to us all. Exit lighting must be installed above each emergency exit without exception, even if you think the exit is obvious. They should be visible always from anywhere in the building.