Ceiling and exhaust fans are important to your home’s ventilation system as they remove moisture and undesirable odours and fumes.

Exhaust fans are useful in several areas of your home when installed correctly by a qualified electrician. Our electricians remain in constant practice with the installation of exhaust fans through regular home renovations ensuring a professional service and installation.

The benefits of ceiling fans are:

  • Ceiling fans are more economical than standard air conditioners as they consume less power making them more environmentally friendly
  • They are available in a variety of assorted colours, shaped and sizes. Ceiling fans not only provide functional value. Fans may also serve as a statement piece or focal point in a room, complementing your personal interior design.
  • Fans provide yearlong value; the change of season and air temperature doesn’t affect the comfort of running your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are designed to circulate air around a room, whether it be the warm air of your home in winter or the cool in summer.