Electrical problems are often crucial and, in most cases, require immediate, urgent attention.

Elite Electrical Solutions holds the safety and well-being of our clients in the highest regard. In the time of crisis, we believe that having the trust and knowledge that a professional is on their way is important.

As a company we maintain our organisation of well stocked and equipped service vehicles 24/7. With the appropriate tools and products to address your situation immediately, enabling us to minimise the extent of damage that may be caused, working at a high efficiency.

We all relish in a hot shower and home cooked meal, watching TV with friends and simply relaxing in the comfort of our home. Electrical appliances not only provide comfort but are also essential towards simple household tasks such as washing, cooking and providing vital household lighting and warmth.

Having an electrical appliance fail may cause your family stress, unnecessary drama and discomfort. Elite provides action fast, evaluating the situation, providing a professional solution.